Snow Day Learning Ideas

Snow Day Learning Ideas

Below are some suggestions for learning activities that you could be doing with your children during snow days.

Early Years

Middle-Upper School

  • Design a symmetrical snowflake.
  • Write a story or comic strip about a snowman which comes to life.
  • Research one of the sports from the Winter Olympics and write some facts you find out.
  • Bring snow inside and measure how long it takes to melt.
  • Write a recipe for a snowy day including your feelings and thoughts.
  • Make a word search with winter words.

Upper School

  • Look at the weather map for negative numbers and compare other countries.

All Years

  • Time how many snowballs you can make in two minutes.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Make paper snowflakes.
  • Design a woolly hat.
  • Write your spelling words in the snow.
  • Design an outfit suitable for the weather.
  • Design a mode of transport to help you move about in the snowy conditions.